Cloud Monsters – Spooky Results

You hear it all the time – “the cloud”

Sounds pretty cool, but this earnings period was especially spooky for investors as they were met with the scariest word in all of growth:


This week in <5 min, we cover the cloud monsters 👇

The Superbowl of Finance

The Superbowl of Finance (Big Tech earnings) is over and it wasn’t pretty. A sneak peak 👇

– New leader(s)
– Canopy USA
– LNG shitshow
– Regulation wanted
– PE & sports

Take This One to The Bank

There is a curse in Canada.

Whenever a Canadian publicly traded company makes a run to pass the Royal Bank of Canada in market cap, they crumble.

Back by popular demand, here is a deep dive into RBC 👇

Survey says…capitulation?

BofA’s latest global fund managers’ survey “screams capitulation”…but we haven’t seen it yet.

– Capacity utilization
– Starboard stakes
– Digital gold
– $JPM crypto hire

How You Feelin? (HOT HOT HOT)

Core CPI is at its highest since 1982! Here are some ideas to cut down inflation:

👉 Make it illegal: imagine what we could do with this!

👉 Print more money: just keep digging

👉 Supply-side reform: no need to bear down on the demand side too much

Green Shoots

As Harvey Dent once said, “the night is darkest just before the dawn”.

On this week’s GRIT, we’re going to take the “glass half full” approach this week and ask…

…what is going right? 👇

OPEC+ paper cuts

Short-sightedness is going around: OPEC cuts by 2 million barrels per day and the White House is driving down Strategic Reserves.


– Global recession?
– $BAM music
– $CS fiasco
– Fidelity $ETH
– Oh no Cramer

In for a Penny…

What implications does BoE’s intervention have for the UK Pound?

Interest rates 👉 pounds will flow to dollar-based bonds, exchange rate deteriorates

Deficit 👉 both current account and fiscal, bad for pound

Want more? 👇