An Elephant on a Tightrope

Last week, J-Pow said, “the chances of a soft landing are starting to diminish”.

This translates literally to “a recession is on the table”.

But we knew that already.

What happens now? 👇

The housing market is softening

Mortgage rates have skyrocketed but data suggest a sharp drop in home values ahead.
– RIP SPAC king
– $F warning
– $CRM carbon credits
– $NDAQ crypto
– $BYND “hangry”

EU Energy Crisis Heating…Up?

Here are a couple of steps the EU should consider to shore up its energy infrastructure:
Build solar 👉 not the most reliable, but the shortest lead-time
Recommission nuclear 👉 not a short-term fix, but necessary for long-term
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Relative safety in the US

In a world where growth is slowing, the US is “slowing more slowly” and investors are flocking to it for (relative) safety.
– Strong USD
– In-home M&A
– Energy crisis
– Stablecoin shakeup
– $AAPL unveiling

Escalation: California flips then flops

Clean energy is hanging in the balance.
What does California’s latest stumble tell us?
We talk about that and how to play it in this week’s GRIT Carbon.


How am I playing quantitative tightening?
FCF 👉 companies that generate free cash flow are King in this high-rate environment
Long Dollar 👉 widening interest rate differential means appreciating USD
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Full QT ahead

That the Fed will remain aggressive is clear. What’s not so clear is how big the inevitable rate hikes will be.
What’s in store?
– SPAC-n-burn
– $DXY/yield surge
– Oil loss streak
– NFT tix
– Crypto oops