Want to see what stocks Harvard owns?

The Harvard endowment fund posted a 33.6% return for the fiscal year ending June 2021.

Wanna see their top holdings?

– Tech startups 🚀
– Inflation tipping point
– Crypto is 🔥
– NFTs beyond art
– Copper squeeze

Getting Paid to Play Games

Imagine you’re an accountant, but you hate it. You blow off steam after work by playing Call of Duty. You’re better at CoD than accounting, you don’t get paid for it, though.

But what if you did?

In this week’s GRIT: the play-to-earn (P2E) economy!

So you think Bitcoin is worthless… 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

We finally have a definitive answer to which sex is the better investor.
Hint: they tend to have 💎🤲

-CPI & 2022 home prices
-Oil price vs rig divergence
-“Bitcoin is worthless” 🚩🚩🚩
-Draftkings x NHL
-NerdWallet IPO

Is “Going Veg” Actually Good (for you)?

On this week’s Grit we breakdown the dietary crazes of the day, the companies behind them, and what the next level of plant-based foods will look like.

Because why stop at burgers when you can change the game with plant-based samosas, milk, and even cars!

GRIT Goes to Hollywood

Global equity inflows in 2021 have already topped the previous 25 years…COMBINED!

– Grit goes Hollywood!
– A first for energy
– Alt investments for uber-rich
– Debt ceiling shocker
– Everything is right in the crypto world

It’s About Time!

Femtech startup idea > Women’s Trading App

Investing app, but with no sell button…

Because women don’t have paper hands!

This week we dive into a market that’s finally getting the attention it deserves: FEMTECH

Christmas Tree Prices are Up 25%

NFTs backed by fungible assets. No, that’s not an oxymoron – it’s reality!


– Winter is coming*
– Market sell-off
– Bank M&A on
– Everything shortage
– Married men are suffering from a serious case of PAPER HANDS

The 15-Minute City

How’s GRIT playing eCommerce and Amazon’s quest for the 15-minute city?

KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid!

Long Amazon plus playing the theme with a small-cap stock!

Read this week’s newsletter for an update on the state of eCommerce and find out which one!

Carbon prices could go from $3 to $147 by 2030

Barclays hops on the “Carbon is the new oil” train. Says carbon credits could go from $3 to $147 by 2030!

– Record +$17T in US savings
– WeWork pt. 2
– Evergrande update
– Say no to options
– NFTs + Sports = $$$

Update on the State of NFTs

Are NFTs being collected by actual people? Or is it a source of money laundering?

On this week’s GRIT: an update on the state of NFTs, plus a preview of the next wave:

– Digital spouses
– Digital houses
– Digital money (wait…that’s just crypto…)