What inflation?

“Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.”– Institutional investors on Bitcoin (probably)

– Retail sales
– Earnings
– $4 gas
– Aramco IPO
– $TWTR latest

Spain without the “S”

Some tips for how to deal with drawdowns:

👉 Touch Grass: it’ll put things into perspective
👉 Light some $ on 🔥: if you can do this, you have the stomach for stocks
👉 Forget your password: no panic selling, stay the course

Stocks giveth and stocks taketh

EC: “SPACs are out of control, we need to crackdown”

Goldman: “Welp, see ya later!”

– Inflation 🔥
– Retail traders 📉
– EU vs Russian oil
– RIP Terra ☠
– Gamer’s worst nightmare

3 Timeless Lessons for the Oracle

“Be greedy when others are fearful, and fearful when others are greedy”

This is just a very poetic way of Buffett telling us to buy the dip.

More timeless lessons from the Oracle 👇

Boring is the new exciting

Unsexy staples are as attractive as ever. Some might even say they’ve gotten *too* sexy…

– 🚫75-basis pts
– Porsche IPO
– #DieselCrisis
– Otherdeed chaos
– @elonmusk is making friends

Better Than Feared… Oh MAMAA!

Your job during earnings is to separate noise from what matters. Here are a couple of🚩I look out for:

👉Revenue: can be used for P/S multiples; 0 revenue companies can be valued using hope
👉Dividends: tells me they can’t generate high sustainable ROC

Canada is crazy for carbon credits

Innovations to reduce carbon emissions are necessarily bold and investments in them are risky by nature…

That’s why we have carbon credits!

👉 $ smile
👉 Hedgie inflows
👉 Moonbirds
👉 Bitcoin 401(k)
👉 @elonmusk $TWTR

‘Tis the (Earnings) Season

Earnings can be brutal, particularly for companies already priced to perfection. A couple I’m watching closely:

👉Nikola: can’t underperform if you simply don’t produce trucks
👉GameStop: investors navigate turmoil to save haven assets like meme stocks

The Affordability Crisis is Real

When he’s not fighting for free speech, @elonmusk moonlights as $TSLA. A look at their earnings

– Green coin
– Housing
– Streaming bleeding
– Twitter saga
– Utility spending

Banana Splits

If I were CEO of a public company, here’s what I’d do instead of a stock split:

👉 Make a loss: a drop in stock price would make it more accessible to retail investors

👉 Sell NFTs: they may not get ownership, but it sounds cool & it’s on the blockchain