Sergei Perfiliev

Ex-Goldman Sachs Quant





Sergei is an active trader focusing on trading equity derivatives markets and researching various related trading strategies and opportunities.

Sergei is a former Goldman Sachs quantitative analyst. Besides writing for @Grit_Capital, he also makes videos for http://perfiliev.com/youtube.

While working at Goldman Sachs during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, he began his journey in financial markets. Since then he held various roles working across Equity, FX and Commodity markets in Bloomberg, before returning to Goldman Sachs as a Quantitative Analyst focusing on Equity Structured Products and Exotic Derivatives.

Throughout his career Sergei wanted to share his knowledge and experience with colleagues and in 2013 he ran his first training in Bloomberg, teaching Equity and Equity Derivatives to new joiners. In addition to his direct responsibilities, over the next few years Sergei continued to teach and expanded number of courses covering more and more topics.

In addition to his Masters of Engineering degree from Imperial College London, he also holds a Masters of Science in Mathematical Finance from Oxford University.

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