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  • Stock Deep Dive: Etching a New Chapter In Artificial Intelligence

Stock Deep Dive: Etching a New Chapter In Artificial Intelligence

Long Live The Year of The Semi Conductor

Hi Everyone 👋,

It’s time for another GRIT Stock Deep Dive! Before we get into it, here is what we added to GRIT VIP 🚀 this month! 👇

So much more is coming to GRIT VIP in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Stock Deep Dive: Lam Research Corp. (LRCX-US, $127.4B)

As the AI revolution continues to accelerate, one area of the market is seeing a step-function change in fundamentals.

While we are still trying to determine the unit economics of implementing AI into workflows, one thing is sure—we need more computing capacity.

It is the year of the semiconductor - and there is no doubt about it.

When the “man in the leather jacket” can draw crowds like a T-Swift concert, you know that times have changed.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, at Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference

But it’s not just Nvidia. There is an entire supply chain that relies on numerous players. Building a semiconductor fabrication plant is undoubtedly one of the most challenging manufacturing feats in modern engineering.

In the past, I have covered both Nvidia and TSMC as picks in this newsletter. To say these have paid off handsomely is an understatement.

My next pick is a critical equipment provider vital to the ever-expanding marketplace. In tandem with my previous semiconductor research, this deep dive will help broaden your understanding of the space.

This will allow you to take a full-stack approach and invest in the entire value chain, driving technological change.

Hardware used to be a bad word in tech investing during the rise of software. But it’s back, baby!

We are now introducing Lam Research Corp (LRCX).

  • Overview 👉 What Does Lam Do?

  • Supply Chain 👉 Where They Fit In

  • Product Portfolio 👉 Etching, Deposition, Cleaning

  • Revenue Streams 👉 Systems & Support

  • Market Dynamics 👉 Slowdown in NAND

  • Growth Driver 👉 Here Comes The AI Play

  • By The Numbers 👉 Key Metrics

  • Risks 👉 Potential Pitfalls

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