James Van Heerden

Investment Guidelines Analyst at Ninety One | CFA Level II Candidate | Entrepreneur and finance bro

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May 24, 2023


James Van Heerden

Self started investor with 7+ years in personal research and investing. I have growing portfolios of SA stocks, US stocks and, my personal favorite, cryptocurrencies!


I have always had a passion for finance and business and have spent my university career preparing to utilize that passion. Finance is a large industry and I hope to work in a few different areas of it. While I finish my studies this year, I have a plans to complete other certifications outside of my degree. I will be taking the CFA Level I exam in August after which I will undertake a certification in financial modeling.


I love reading books about business and start ups and hearing the stories of some of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time. My favourite books in this genre are Zero to One and Masters of Scale and I recommend them to any aspiring entrepreneurs!I love connecting with new people, pop me a message at or here on LinkedIn!